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Inclusive Education 
Project Podcast
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The Educational Therapy Podcast with Rachel Kapp & Stephanie Pitts
April 2020
The Testing Psychologist Podcast
Educational Therapy & Executive Functioning Intervention
October 2019
The Money Career & Motherhood 
How an educational therapist can help your child thrive
August 2020
Parenting ADHD & Autism Podcast
PAP 087 PIN.jpg
Identifying & Improving Lagging Executive Function Skills
May 2020
The Scholarship
Shark Podcast
Helping Teens Learn Smarter
September 2019
Homework is Stupid Podcast
1HIS KinderReadiness RS.jpg
Kindergarten Readiness - Critical Factors.
April 2020
Talking with
Tech AAC Podcast
Strategies for Supporting Academics & Executive Functioning
June 2019
The Testing 
Psychologist Podcast
Learning at Home
September 2020
Allison Loves Math Podcast
How Executive Functioning Impacts All Aspects of Learning
February 2021
Diverse Learning  Different Thinking
Building Independence Through Educational Therapy
December 2020


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