Educational Therapy for Learners with ADHD and Executive Functioning Struggles

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We help children with ADHD and learners who struggle with task completion, organization, and follow through learn more effortlessly and efficiently while reigniting their love of learning. 


If your child is struggling or anxious about school; or, if YOU are struggling and worried about your child’s performance in school, we would love to discuss how we can serve your family and see if we are a good fit.

 Skills. Strategies. Success.

Welcome to the journey that will help your student become an independent, autonomous, and confident learner!

Kapp Educational Therapy Group believes that your child should be in control of their learning--not the other way around.

Kapp Educational Therapy Group

We LOVE what we do, and our services are completely personalized with your child’s unique personality and learning profile in mind.


The parents and learners who come to us typically feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and at their wits' end.  But during our time together they often experience incredible academic and quality of life transformations.  Our learners are able to take the skills they developed with us and effectively apply them to real-life situations that would have been previously too challenging.


Educational therapy is a long-term approach to helping children develop their own unique strategies for learning, executive functioning, and self-regulation. The goal of educational therapy for learners with ADHD is to promote independence and autonomy in learning, school, and life.  We help learners develop a toolbox of skills they can take with them and apply to their life well beyond our last sessions together.

  • Get their homework done on time

  • Follow multi-step directions

  • Know where they're supposed to be

  • Use proper punctuation and spelling

  • Show their thinking on the page (math)

  • Read aloud with ease

  • Write with ease

  • Talk about what they've read with ease

  • ...more

Some signs your child might need our support may include that they struggle to:

If you’re wondering if your child could benefit from educational therapy support, we urge you to check out our

services or book a call with us.

Executive Functioning and ADHD

Executive functioning is the ability to implement, plan and do your life.  Executive functioning skills include planning, time management, starting and completing tasks, note taking, memory, and more!


Poor executive functioning skills complicate how a student functions in school and life. When paired with ADHD it makes it even more complicated to thrive in school and other aspects of life.


It’s our passion to help children not just survive but flourish in their environment.   Children inherently have a love for learning AND want to please their parents, and it’s our mission to rekindle that fire.

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