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Welcome to the journey that will help your student become an independent, autonomous and confident learner!

Kapp Educational Therapy Group believes that your child should be in control of their learning--not the other way around.

Want to know more about Educational Therapy?

Learn Smarter: the Educational Therapy podcast is co-hosted by Rachel Kapp, M.A. and Stephanie Pitts, M.Ed.

Learn Smarter Podcast educates, encourages and expands understanding for parents of students with different learning profiles through growing awareness of educational therapy, individualized strategies, community support, coaching, and educational content.

Educational Therapy in Action

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We believe that every student can be taught how to learn in a way that works for them. With the right "tool box," every student can... 

What We Believe

Educational Therapy is the combination of therapeutic and educational strategies for the benefit of all different types of learners.... 

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