Part-time (with option for full-time, must be in person for a minimum of 8 hours weekly)
Beverly Hills, CA


As a certified Educational Therapist, your role is to change the academic lives and trajectory for struggling learners. Your function is to provide ongoing support, strategies, and remediation to students in our practice. The goal of this position is to handle a dynamic caseload with a high level of clinician autonomy and flexibility.

You would coordinate with classroom teachers, allied professionals, and parents to transform the lives of the learner and their families.

This is a part-time position with potential for full-time. While our ideal candidate would be a certified educational therapist, we are open to the right candidate and want to meet you! If you are a teacher, learning specialist, special education professional, or student educational therapist looking to earn extra income in the afternoons and weekends, we welcome you! Additionally, if you are looking to make a career transition that is lucrative and incredibly rewarding as you watch the individualized journey of your client, this position may be for you!

NOTE: We are hiring a superstar that is excited to put their full focus into this position. If you have a business of your own that you plan to continue to grow, please do not apply.  However, if you are tired of the grind of building your own practice and just want to “do the work” with clients, please do apply!


We are seeking fun, collaborative, dynamic, and detail-oriented individuals who are energized by providing top-notch service and support to learners and their families. We want you to be resourceful, communicative, and enjoy leading students toward a higher degree of independence and autonomy.

​If you are looking to utilize your superior educational skills and talents to contribute to the premier and professional experience we offer, we invite you to apply.

​We are seeking a great fit who is available to see clients virtually via Zoom. For the right individual, there is also an opportunity to expand your days/hours as we are growing and expanding.

This is an unique opportunity to directly impact the lives of students.


Kapp Educational Therapy Group primarily serves learners with ADHD or executive functioning weaknesses. We also specialize in math and writing remediation which are weaknesses often present in students who struggle with executive functioning. We also offer reading remediation and support.

We lead a collaborative experience for our clients through teamwork and communication with the client’s “team” (the learner, parents, teachers, psychiatrists, psychologists, learning specialists, etc.). Through our high-level expertise and empathy, we guide clients through the different phases of educational therapy.

Our ultimate goal in our practice is for our clients to be independent and autonomous learners--and no longer need educational therapy!

Kapp Educational Therapy Group makes it a point to only work with the loveliest and warmest clients and families. We expect a healthy, emotionally safe, and enjoyable work environment. The clients we welcome into the practice contribute to this experience.


Be a part of something bigger than yourself, and join us in making a positive impacting the lives of struggling learners.

The ideal candidate for this position will have a high level of skill and discretion that is second to none. You possess a “sixth sense” that allows you to be two steps ahead of learners and their families. You will have experience communicating with parents and teachers, and will possess a strong desire to individualize the learning experience of each client.

​You will be able to provide individualized academic support and enrich the lives of our clients through focused and intentional actions.

​You are adept at working effectively with a wide variety of people inside and outside the organization, acting as an extension of the Kapp Educational Therapy Group brand.

​If you have a strong sense of professionalism, proven and concise communication, attention to detail, and are looking for a rewarding career as an Educational Therapist or Learning Specialist (who perhaps desires to become an Educational Therapist), we would be very interested in speaking with you!


  1. Passionate about supporting students who are struggling in their academic environment
  2. Willing to work with clients in-home and in the office setting
  3. Knowledgeable about creating memorable experiences with children
  4. Collaborative, flexible, FUN, and are comfortable with a team-oriented approach
  5. Looking to expand your reach as an educational therapist or learning specialist
  6. Ready for a career change that is meaningful, allows you to work fewer hours but make more money, and significantly increase your impact on the lives of others
  7. An educational therapist ready to join us and witness the transformation of our clients
  8. Trustworthy, competent,  and can be counted on to safeguard the confidentiality of both our business and our clients
  9. Computer literate and comfortable with technology
  10. Tired of working in an isolated private practice or school environment that limits your ability to make a large impact
  11. Possess great communication skills and know-how that respect the struggles of our clients
  12. Looking to focus on educational therapy and remediation, and are not pursuing your own business


  • Provide remediation to struggling learners through games, academic support, creative thinking, and curriculum development
  • Provide informal developmental assessments to establish appropriate treatment programs and track the child’s progress
  • Provide parents with education and feedback to teach specific strategies, and develop home exercise programs to target specific academic or psychoeducational goals
  • Participate in multi-disciplinary team meetings as necessary
  • Provide consultation services to parents/caregivers, ABA specialists, teachers and other therapists regarding client progress and recommendations
  • Define goals for each client and provide frequent feedback and updates to the family
  • Expected documentation includes daily session notes
  • Complete administrative responsibilities such as scheduling case management activities, session planning, and submitting billing documentation.


  • Seeing clients virtually in the after-school hours and days of your choosing
  • Building upon proven methods with your new and original perspective
  • Responding to e-mails Monday-Thursday only
  • Scheduling consistent weekly sessions
  • Intake calls with potential new clients
  • Timely follow-up on e-mails and phone calls
  • Documentation of individual client sessions
  • Office environment that is collaborative, open, and interactive


  • GSuite
  • Google Docs
  • Google Spreadsheets
  • Zoom


We are a family who truly loves working with one another. We are looking to on board someone who wants to collaborate and be part of the incredible impact we are having on students and their families.

​We hire grown-ups and we will treat you like one. You will be expected to take responsibility for yourself; we do not micromanage.

​We are building a team of professional, competent, and highly engaging educators whose goal is to impact the lives of learners and their families. We are an equal opportunity employer.


Note: If you have a business of your own that you plan to continue to grow, please do not apply. This part-time role can lead to a full-time gig, and we are looking for a superstar that is excited to put their full focus into this position.

​This is a local position that is currently virtual. As we resume typical business operations over time, it is preferred but not required that the right candidate live within a 30-minute drive of Beverly Hills, CA. Candidate must have at least 8 hours of availability per week with potential and willingness to grow.

​While our intention is to hire a certified educational therapist, outstanding learning specialists and tutors will be considered.

​If you would like to be considered for the position, please submit your resume, cover letter, and references to using the following subject line: All kids can learn!_Your Full Name_*2024*

​Substitute your first and last name for “Your Full Name” and the exact punctuation included above.