Rachel Kapp’s Educational Therapy services are worth every dime for my student. The strategies she is teaching my high schooler will take him through life; organizational skills, calendar skills and how to think through complex problems to write an essay. Although an IEP is in place the school isn’t doing much with it-as my child doesn’t like to be called out in the classroom. Rachel, has done way more for him than the school could ever do! Thank you Kapp Educational Therapy we are so grateful for your services!!!

Parent of a 10th grader


When our son was struggling with school and organizational challenges stemming from ADHD, we met with Rachel Kapp, who instantly reassured us that she could help him conquer his challenges.  At a time of great emotional distress and concern for our son’s academic future, Rachel expressed enormous confidence that she could help our son overcome his challenges and this was incredibly reassuring to us.


As our son began to work with Rachel, it became clear that they had an instant bond.  Our son actually looked forward to his twice weekly sessions with Rachel and was committed to succeeding with her help.  Within a very short time, we could see he was learning useful strategies to master his school subjects and to organize himself properly and we saw results: His grades improved rapidly and his teachers, with whom Rachel communicated regularly, were very impressed with his progress.  


Today, nearly two years later, our son is excelling in all his subjects and has the organizational skills that will serve him for the rest of his academic career and beyond.  


We could not be more grateful for Rachel’s invaluable help!

Parents of a 7th grader

We were referred to Rachel several years ago, and she continues to be an integral component of our son's success in school. After being diagnosed with ADHD our son started to see Rachel twice a week. She provides him with useful techniques to help his executive functioning and stay focused, and under her guidance, our now 6th grader has flourished into an organized and enthusiastic student who can communicate his needs and is a self-advocate in class. Rachel is knowledgeable, compassionate, and patient, and our son looks forward to their weekly sessions. He always leaves her office feeling confident.  Rachel works in conjunction with our son's school and teachers, and we feel fortunate to have found such a strong advocate and supporter for our son. 

Parent of 6th grader

It is impossible to put into words what a sense of relief we as parents feel knowing that our daughter is in Rachel’s capable hands. We spent many sleepless nights trying to figure out where to turn to get help for our daughter’s learning differences. Rachel was a Godsend. In less than a month, our daughter’s grades have improved and her confidence has soared. Rachel and her office are incredibly responsive, efficient, skilled, talented and CARING. And best of all...our daughter absolutely LOVES Rachel and looks forward to her time with her. A positive experience all around. 

Parent of 10th grader

We desperately needed to destress the relationship between my husband and our son.  Homework and grade check-ins were causing our son to completely shut down.  Rachel's help allowed us to put this in her hands and gave us our family time back.  My son is learning to take responsibility for his calendar and assignments and communicate with his teachers.  Thank you, Rachel!

Parent of 17 year old

Rachel has been a blessing. Our son, who had been diagnosed with non-attentive ADHD in 6th grade, needed help with organization and executive function-related issues. Rachel provided valuable tools and strategies that began to empower him in school and in his home life -- setting up a calendar of classes, advocating for less cumbersome notebooks, prodding him to accomplish things that may have seemed hard but were completely within his ability. And she did all this in a warm, kind-but-firm and empathetic manner. She made it clear she was on his team and he has responded. We recommend Rachel enthusiastically!

Parents of 7th grader

My son has been reading with Andrea for the past 6 months and I have seen him improve so much not only academically but he has also become a more confident reader which makes himself feel better about himself. I highly recommend Andrea.

Parents of a 3rd grader

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