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Specializing in children with ADHD & Executive Functioning struggles

Our educational therapy services are completely custom and personalized to the learner; however, our ultimate goal is always the same - to develop your child's skills and help them apply what they've learned so well that they will no longer need our services!

When a student completes our framework it is bittersweet because we become deeply connected to them and their families; however, when that day comes it's a celebration for how far everyone has come. It also means that we've done our job well!

What is Educational Therapy?

Educational Therapy is a combination of therapeutic and educational strategies for the benefit of all different types of learners. Working with children in a one-on-one setting allows Educational Therapists and reading specialists to individualize the type of remediation specifically to each child's needs and learning style, working towards the goal of independence. In more simplistic terms, it is our job to help teach children how to learn so they can be successful and autonomous learners. It is different from tutoring in that tutoring supports specific curriculum content while educational therapy focuses on assessment, remediation, skills and strategies geared toward sustained learning.


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How Educational Therapy Works

We have developed and now follow a unique framework that highlights the ABC’s of the Educational Therapy journey as well as the transformation of the learners who work with Kapp Educational Therapy Group experience.


We absolutely love to watch the journey our learners go on as they strive towards academic independence and success.

Here's a breakdown of our proprietary framework.

Kapp Ed Therapy Framework (The ABC's)

A = Assessment


This is the time in our journey when we evaluate, organize, and plan.

We look at the learner's comprehension, math, reading, emotional regulation, executive funcationing skills and more.  Understanding who your child is as a learner and person is incredibly important during this time. One of our goals during this time is to build a meaningful raport with your children, your family and you.

Every case is unique but this portion of the framework typically takes 4-6 sessions. After this, we will schedule a check-in phone call with you to discuss progress made and next steps. We will also connect with the appropriate third parties such as the school and other professionals.

B – Building


This is where we spend the most of our time together. 


It's in this stage that we build the learner's skills, resilience, and grit in a developmentally appropriate way.  Our learners start to develop self awareness and build a toolbox of skills that they can use to help in real-life situations.


This is the phase where a lot of parents start to feel hope and see the light at the end of the tunnel; and, it's when the student starts to develop and reignite a love of learning!

C – Competency


The competency phase is completely tailored to the learner.  They know what their learning and coping tools are, and know it's time to learn how to effectively apply these tools to true life experiences. 


This is where we teach the student to be more independent to the point where they will no longer need our services.

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